Most women cast aside their swimwear immediately after purchase, a new survey into consumer behaviours has found.

The study by lingerie and swimwear brand, Max Cleavage, revealed that 85% of respondents have pushed newly-purchased bikinis and swimsuits to the back of their drawers because they don’t fit.

Max Cleavage emphasised the importance of promoting a good fitting service, after finding that 92% of women had never been for a swimwear fitting.

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It also noted that two-thirds of survey respondents feel restricted by the choice of styles that fit their shape.

Emma Clark, founder of Max Cleavage commented: “It’s not surprising looking at these results when over 90% of those surveyed have never been measured for swimwear. Over 80% of those surveyed admitted that having access to a measuring guide would give them more confidence when buying, and wearing, swimwear”.

When respondents were asked the one thing they’d change that would increase their confidence in buying swimwear, one in five said access to ranges that better suited their shape, with examples cited as pear-shaped, post-child birth, small busted, athletic or tall.

A further one in five specifically claimed that access to a choice of swimwear that gave them a natural-looking boost to their cleavage would give them more confidence.