A British plus-size model has invented what she claims to be the world’s first magnetic suspender belt.

Ella Vine worked in partnership with the Essex Innovation Programme, a government initiative for start-ups, to develop NeoMagTriple technology used in the patent-pending belt.

She will take the product to market via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo.com on July 27 in the hope of raising funds through pre-orders so the belts can be manufacturerd.

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July 27 will also mark the official launch of the Ella Vine lingerie brand.

Explaining her idea, Vine said: “For the past century women all over the world have had to put up with the hideous way a suspender belt attaches to stockings – it was difficult, time-consuming, not comfortable and worse – not always worked.

“I developed a suspender belt which attaches to the stockings via special magnetic clip. It is easy, fast, safe and comfortable and takes just one second – just clip and go.”

Jack Levene, former head of Lingerie at Marks & Spencer, has endorsed the product. He said: ”The magnetic fastening on this suspender belt will be a great boon to both the user and to their partners. This is the first innovation in years, it speeds up production and makes it far easier for the user when attaching or removing from stockings.”

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