Mode City to introduce third catwalk

Mode City will be introducing a third catwalk to its offering, this coming July. The catwalk will take place in addition to its existing two daily shows, which showcase lingerie and swimwear.

The event will focus on the lingerie and swimwear products from the event that display the most original, creative and innovative design characteristics.

It will be free to feature on the catwalk, with designers being selected by the Mode City fashion team.

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The new catwalk ties in with the theme for the July Mode City show, ‘fairy-like,’ which is inspired by Charles Baudelaire’s L’Invitation au Voyage.

Mode City communications manager Mathilde Devalois told Lingerie Insight: “We want to take people on a journey. Last time, it was a trip – like travel. This time, it is a journey in your head – it is about imagination, inspiration and creation.

“There is order, beauty, luxury, peace and pleasure. It is an escape from the crisis.”



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