Mode City SS12 lingerie trends

Earth & Sand
This look is all about drapes, antiquity and chic. Materials include natural fibres and fabrics, such as cotton and linen. Natural life, such as plants, will be interpreted alongside colours including beige and white.

Rock (pictured)
This style is all about controlling your shape. It incorporates technical team sportswear, shapewear and sports swimwear.
Materials include mixed cotton and jersey for mineral textures, with greys, browns and a few blocks of colours.

Crystal is a sophisicated and french look for the ‘childlike’ woman. Romantic colours and pastels are combined with the energy of stones.

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Gold & Black
This mystical theme looks to seductive and wealthy women, such as Cleopatra. Looks are sexy and sensual, but sophisticated and sobre, reflecting a mix of styles and eras. Pure shapes incorporate black lace and colours ranging from ochre through to gold.




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