Mode City introduces key trends for Spring/Summer 2018

Eurovet, the organiser behind Mode City Paris, has presented four key trends for SS18.

The new trends – Be Design, Be Creative, Be One and Be Luminous – can be explored in a special forum at the trade show, which opened today (July 8).

Here, we explain the creative thinking behind these fashion directions.

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Be Design


Lightness, softness and linear aspects remain crucial, with beachwear and lingerie collections that highlight the feminine form and reinvent comfort using symmetrical and asymmetrical cut-outs.

Expect colour combinations that create graphical effects, nude and pastel tones, architectural details and mix-and-match techniques.

Be Creative


Summer 2018 awakens our creativity with selections that are rich and complex. Products are carefully thought-out, offering refined, artisanal details.

Lingerie collections are feminine, innovative and surprising, reflecting a new generation of iconic, lucid and modern women.

Swimwear and beachwear embody this trend with iconic products that combine precious fashion details with eye-catching customisation. Cut-outs and pleats showcase the curves to celebrate femininity.

Be One


Avant-garde collections break the rules in this trend, listening only to feminine creativity. Expect fitted shapes; contrasting materials, colours and prints; and eclecticism.

Be Luminous


Collections are laminated with metallics, rhinestones and shiny details to catch the eye. The colour palette of copper, gold and pewter is inspired by interiors and everyday objects.

Lingerie and swimwear is couture inspired, combines matt and shine and plays with contrasting materials.

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