Internet retailer ModCloth is using its own staff to showcase its latest swimwear designs as part of a campaign to promote that ‘every body is a swimsuit body’.

For the second year running the company has decided not to use professional models and instead called on the help of 13 of its employees.

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“Women are so much more than their measurements,” the company explained on its blog. “Our goal is to represent women for who they are — confident, intelligent, and fun. We strive to continue to positively portray women by recognizing their capabilities and contributions, regardless of their size, and inspire body positivity across the spectrum.”

ModCloth has previously hit the headlines for signing an “anti-Photoshop pledge”.

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As part of the campaign the company has released a special ‘hot tub’ video featuring female entrepreneurs discussing the unique challenges facing women with dot-com start-ups, including dealing with online haters, fervent fans, and how to measure true success.

The video can be viewed here.