Moda wants to be springboard for new and aspiring lingerie retailers

Moda is launching a new concept – New Business Tuesday – to support newly-established and aspiring retailers.

The event will host a tailored seminar programme covering topics including the basics of social media and advice on how to thrive during the first 12 months.

Typically the most relaxed day of the event, Moda says Tuesday is the ideal opportunity for retailers to discover the world of trade fashion.

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Exhibitors are also set to welcome enquiries from new retailers on the third day of the show.

“We are always open to supplying new start-ups when the conditions are right,” says Neal McCotter, UK agent for menswear brand Eterna. He continues: “It’s difficult for new start-ups, so we are happy to chat about the opportunities and open an account when the timing is right for both parties.

“The most difficult issue is finance, and I always like to hear that a new store has a coherent buying plan, and that they are focused getting the right product mix in store. Moda is a good starting point, because it’s a great place to see several brands within a concentrated time.”

Fellow exhibitor Lisa Speet – director at Carol C Collections – agrees that Moda is a good starting point for retailers just starting out in the trade. She says: “We direct new start-ups to Moda because it is the best UK show for womenswear with plenty of browsing choice.

“Quite a few of our existing customers are stores that we have supplied since their initial start-up, and it’s exciting to still be working with them, assisting them to succeed with our knowledge – which we are always happy to share – and it’s great to see them flourishing and selling our labels well.”



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