Moda Lingerie & Swimwear: The comeback brands

Moda Lingerie & Swimwear welcomed back several brands this week following an absence of a few seasons.

Having taken time out to refresh their offers, the brands made a return to the UK’s national trade show with a view to reconnecting with new and existing customers.

Californian swimwear brand Banana Moon made a comeback with its new UK agent, UK Fashion Agents.

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The label has been away from Moda for several seasons but unveiled its 2017 offering at the show after renewing its focus on UK expansion.

Curvy Kate also returned to the exhibition following an absence in August.

The fuller-bust label presented a lingerie and swimwear collection inspired by mineral colours and the link between mythology and astrology, as well as boudoir pieces from its sister brand, Scantilly.

Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate returned to Moda after a season away from the show.

Having launched at Moda Lingerie & Swimwear last year meanwhile, British sleepwear designer Yawn went back to its roots with a return to the UK’s national trade show.

Tipped as one to watch when it started out as a boutique London designer, filling a niche for whimsical, high-quality nightwear in unique prints and high quality fabrics, the brand has evolved into a key player in the modern-day nightwear sector.



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