MJM International loses employment tribunal case

MJM International has lost an employment tribunal case against a former director who quit the company after finding a listening device in his office.

The tribunal heard the bug was installed over concerns that Scott Kilday was leaking confidential information to rivals.

MJM, led by lingerie tycoon Michelle Mone, has been ordered to pay Kilday £15,920 in compensation.

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A spokesperson for Ultimo Brands International said the company was “delighted” to have won the “main aspect of the case” relating to shares worth £25,000.

Kilday’s former employers said they were in discussions with their lawyers and insurers to review their options to appeal the “secondary case”.

Last night on Twitter, Mone said: “A year on, after I bought my ex husband out of Ultimo I’m still dealing with him and his staff members. The cleanup is almost over. Wish they would all move on and leave Ultimo alone.”

Kilday claimed unfair dismissal in September, saying he was forced out of his role as operations director around the same time that Mone’s husband Michael left the company and before MJM partnered with MAS Holdings.

He said he had set up talks with Eliaz Poleg, chairman of MJM, to discuss the matter. But just days before the meeting, Kilday found the bugging device in his office.




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