MJM directors wanted to "control" bugged employee

The man who was authorised to place a bug into a senior employee’s office at Michelle Mone’s lingerie firm MJM International told a tribunal he did it to protect the company.

MJM chairman Eliaz Poleg said he feared that Scott Kilday, who left the MJM board after its takeover by MAS Holdings in February, was leaking confidential information to rivals, reports the Herald Scotland.

Kilday is claiming unfair dismissal, alleging he was forced out of his role as operations director after Mone asked him to resign to let the takeover go through.

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He said he considered resigning because he felt he could not trust Mone and he then set-up a meeting with Poleg.

But just days before this meeting, Kilday claimed he then discovered a bug in his office.

Poleg said told the tribunal in Glasgow that he wanted to "control" Kilday before he left the company and it was not in the company’s interest for him to leave the day after the takeover deal.

"This was not about me or about Mrs Mone or about anybody, this was only about the company needs,” he told the hearing.

The chairman said he bugged the office in East Kilbride after becoming suspicious that Kilday would quit his job to work with Mone’s ex-husband husband Michael.




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