Mish publishes Parents’ Guide to Buying Bras

Independent lingerie retailer Mish has published a Parents’ Guide to Buying Bras as girls head back to school.

The online guide addresses the importance of parents introducing their daughters to bra fittings during the early stages of breast development and what they should look for when choosing a first bra for their children.

It also explains the difference between a moulded and a padded bra and what type of bras young girls and teenagers should be wearing during their PE lessons.

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Using the hashtag #FeelTheSqueeze to promote its in-store fittings on social media, Mish said: “Your daughter wouldn’t wear her shoes too small…so let’s not do it with her bra.”

Recommended first bras listed in the guide include Missy Petal by Royce, Lepel’s Athena soft-cup bra and Freya’s Eden half-cup bra.

Click here to read the Parents’ Guide to Buying Bras.






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