Mimi Holliday to deliver Knickerworld to retailers

Mimi Holliday is set to launch Knickerworld, a till-side range of affordable briefs, next year.

Retailers will be able to purchase packs of comfortable and classic briefs with a complimentary display unit.

Sarah Jenkins, head of communications of strategy at Mimi Holliday explained: “Knickerworld is a really exciting destination where retailers can stock, in a chic perspex branded tray, bundles of wearable, but Mimi-gorgeous knickers that make perfect, affordable gifts or till-side purchases.”

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Mimi Holliday hopes Knickerworld will help retailers introduce new clientele to the brand or extend the everyday wardrobe of Mimi Holliday for existing customers.

Knickerworld offers silk satin and modal options in a knicker or thong, with edged lace.

The range comes in bright and neutral colours and features the branded gold Mimi heart.

Silk satin knickers/thongs will retail at £29 and modal knickers/thongs will retail at £16.



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