Men find pyjamas sexier than lingerie: survey

Full pyjama sets have come out on top in a survey of the sexiest nightwear, beating lingerie and negligées to the post.

The study, conducted by Ergoflex UK, found that men find elasticated bottoms and button-up sleep shirts more attractive on their female partners than skimpy bras and briefs.

The mattress manufacturer attributed this result to the "cuteness" of pyjamas and the fact that "modesty was an attractive trait in a partner".

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The company said in a blog post: “Whether our survey will spark a nationwide ditching of skimpy lingerie in favour of a more comfy nightwear choice we’re not so sure, but we were glad to see that practicality won the day when it came to bedtime.”

“Nightwear can be a surprisingly complex choice when considering sleep quality, and the decision of what to wear when climbing between the sheets is just as important as any other sleep-related issue. You could have the most relaxing bedroom environment along with the most supportive and comfortable mattress, but if your nightwear isn’t right then you’re jeopardising your chances of a good night’s sleep,” Ergoflex added.

Over 1,900 men took part in the survey as part of research into bedtime habits and preferences of Britons.

When asked: “What types of bed wear do you find most attractive for members of the opposite sex to wear to bed?" 37% of participants voted for full pyjama sets, while lingerie took 32% of the votes.

Negligées followed closely behind with 27% of the votes, beating borrowed men’s pyjamas and t-shirts, which took 22% of the votes, while 16% of men find their partners sexier when they go to bed naked.




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