MaybeBlu dream comes true

Maybe Blu Dreamwear has launched with its first nightwear collection, designed to bridge the gap between night and day.

The brainchild of Economics and Marketing Communications MA graduate Kasia Kurylin, the debut collection features three exclusive prints: Lady Blu, Shoe and Pooch.

The prints have been created in collaboration with London-based illustration artist, Isher Dhiman.

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Kurylin said: “The current collection which features Lady Blu, Shoe & Pooch prints is a culmination of time spent dreaming, scheming, laughing and planning my escape from reality into another world, another dimension where everyone is free to be who they want to be, without restriction or expectation.

“My inspiration for creating MaybeBlu Dreamwear was that what one wears to bed rarely gets the attention it deserves. My plan was to create a brand which will accessorise your dreams and because ‘dreaming’ can happen while you are asleep or during the day, ‘Dreamwear’ suggests that MaybeBlu garments can be worn in and out of bed.”

Each print is available in numerous styles, including night shirts, pyjama trousers, ¾ pants, shorts, vest tops, camis, knickers and nighties.

The MaybeBlue Dreamwear collection is available to buy online at Prices range from £12 to £41.



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