Maternity bras big sellers for Freya

Maternity bra sales at Freya have increased nearly 20 percent year-on-year.

A member of the Wacoal-Eveden family, Freya believes the strong sales figures lays in the quality of their products and large variety of styles offered, which include assorted prints and colours. The company also offers underwire-free maternity bras and sizes up to an HH cup with a 48’ back, attracting customers from the plus-sized market.

Freya’s head of marketing, Ann-Marie Manley, told PR Web: “Despite bra support being the subject of debate lately, we’ve certainly seen a spike in sales of our nursing and soft cup styles. As breast size changes during pregnancy, we find that women not only want to find a bra for nursing, but, during post-pregnancy, they want to wear a comfortable soft cup style so they will remain supported. In particular, it’s Deco soft cup that is proving a best-seller, chosen for its smooth moulded shape and the fact that it is wire-free.”

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