Mary Portas supports Fashion Revolution Day

Mary Portas is supporting a new campaign that promotes fashion as a force for good, one year after the Rana Plaza factory collapse.

Portas and her fellow campaigners are calling on fashion producers to turn an item of clothing inside out and celebrate the people behind their clothes in support of Fashion Revolution Day, which takes place tomorrow.

Fashion Revolution Day marks the first anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka, Bangladesh, which killed 1,133 people.

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As part of the campaign, the UK fashion industry is being encouraged to showcase locally produced, British-made fashion as one of the best ways to know who made your clothes.

But the event will also see manufacturers and fashion lovers across the rest of the world come together to promote ethical and sustainable fashion, and increased transparency in the supply chain.

Mary Portas, who championed UK fashion manufacturing in her TV programme ‘Mary’s Bottom Line’, launching the UK-made lingerie line Kinky Knickers, said: “If more companies were transparent about the production of their clothes, less fashion would be manufactured cheaply, preventing bustling UK factories having to close down and disasters like that at Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh.”

Portas will be joined by Lucy Siegle, Baroness Lola Young, singer Mica Paris, Olympic gold medallist Louis Smith and other celebrities in pushing the campaign.

“It’s crucial that people change the way they think about buying clothes; start by asking brands, retailers and fashion businesses where and by whom their clothing has been made. If the answer is “don’t know” think twice before buying. We should appreciate our clothes, not treat them as throwaway objects,” she added.




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