marlies|dekkers wins case against Sapph

MD Group BV responded with joy today as a judge ruled that Sapph was in infringement of copyright for copying marlies|dekker’s designs.

Of the ten Sapph bras and three briefs reviewed by the court, four bras and one pair of briefs were deemed too similar to marlies|dekkers products.

The company has reportedly been ordered to remove the relevant products and is restricted in future from making bras featuring straps over the cups.

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Sapph will be forced to pay an undisclosed amount in compensation to marlies|dekkers.

In a statement, the MD Group BV said: “Sapph has copied the designs by Marlies Dekkers, which emphasise the power and beauty of women, for years, on a large scale. By doing this, Sapph has attempted to bring across a totally different message: that women are merely an object of desire.”

In response to the ruling, Marlies Dekkers added: “The beauty of women has won. It’s good to know that you are protected as an artist by copyright.”

The case has been running since June 2008 and rulings have been postponed several times.



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