Marlies Dekkers wows Dutch crowd with new range

Marlies Dekkers introduced her latest lingerie collection at an exclusive club night in her hometown of Rotterdam on Friday.

More than 330 guests attended the red-carpet event, which saw dancers and acrobats present the Awaken Your Senses range in a one-off performance.

During the show, sensual stories written by Marlies Dekkers were read aloud while a string quartet and a choir performed against a backdrop of visuals that took guests on a journey through different cities.

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The Awaken Your Senses collection consists of four daring styles: Femme Fatale, Calamity Jane, Mulholland Drive and Gloria.

All styles feature materials and design details that are usually used in outerwear, including denim, pinstripes, pockets and leather.

Explaining her inspirations behind the new range, Marlies Dekkers said: “I went looking for the perfect bra that would match a certain mood. When I feel provocative and I feel like having an exciting evening, I want the perfect leather bra that fits well and is fashionable at the same time.

“I managed to design the Rolls Royce of leather bras that has my characteristic perfect fit and a highly provocative design. I did the same with the denim, silk and pinstripe bras. A different set for every fantasy.”



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