Marlies Dekkers releases feminist film

Marlies Dekkers has released a short film, capturing her thoughts on modern-day feminism.

The Dutch lingerie designer made the movie, named The Awakening, in honour of her 50th birthday on November 29.

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By sharing the film online, Dekkers said she hopes to disarm the stereotypes that women don’t have the skills, intelligence or guts to achieve their ambitions.

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“All we need is females thinking forward: women who understand that equality isn’t dependent on external factors; something passively received or violently acquired,” she added.

“Women who train their minds so that they feel powerful themselves. Women who feel, think and radiate confidence. Not against, but in partnership with men. Ultimately we give progress to ourselves. We are the third movement; females moving forward.’’

The Awakening was directed by Daniel Nogueira, filmed in Amsterdam and produced in association with creative studio, Cloudfactory.

“The Awakening is not about Marlies’ collections or her past and future plans, it’s about the feminist legacy she wants to build for women,” Cloudfactory said in a statement.

“The film is an experiment in female power, about women finding their own source of strength. When we read the script of the movie, we really felt attracted to the motivational story. This is something we truly wanted to be a part of.”



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