Marlies Dekkers launches concession in Harrods

Marlies Dekkers has launched a concession in iconic UK department store Harrods.

The Knightsbridge retailer has chosen to stock the luxury Dutch brand’s entire Undressed collection and part of its mainline range.

A launch event took place on May 9th in store, which was attended by designer Marlies Dekkers and members of the UK national press.

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Marlies Dekkers said: "Harrods is one of those stores that everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime. With its imposing front, tantalising windows, opulent displays and its wonderland curios, Harrods remains one of the international destinations where my target customer shops.

"I love the English saying ‘more front than Harrods’. Apart from meaning bravado, to me, the saying also indicates that Harrods would not change for anyone. I share the sentiment. Marlies Dekkers remains true to its core brand values and visual identity, evolving, but honouring the same principles of high design aesthetic and integrity. A match made in heaven you might say."

Harrods lingerie buyer Camilla Hall added: "We were really taken with the strong look of the brand, and thought it would add something fresh to our mix in Lingerie. In particular, we like the idea that bras are made to be on show, with the strapping peeking out of t-shirts, making the brand a perfect complement to our contemporary RTW offer in Designer Studio. The size range is also impressive for a brand which is still very fashion forward."

Hall revealed to Lingerie Insight that her favourite piece is the Dame de Paris in black, which she described as ‘a classic style which is so easy to wear as an update to a plain white t-shirt, giving it a new lease of life.’ The buyer is also a fan of the brand’s yellow seasonal shade, which she described as ‘great for summer’.

She concluded: "Marlies adds to our Contemporary offer, however the pared down styling makes it different from the brands we currently stock, appealing to a more fashion forward customer… The reaction to the launch has been fantastic. The brand has created a really strong statement in the department and the injection of colour has been well received. It is quite a departure for us, but it’s nice to have something different to offer our customers."

Marlies Dekkers is also available to purchase on the Harrods website,

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