Marlies Dekkers battles back alongside Lagertha

Marlies Dekkers is continuing its fight back with inspiration of Lagertha at its side for its SS16 lingerie and swimwear collections.

Lagertha, according to legend, was a Viking shield maiden from 12th century Norway renowned for her beauty, bravery, power and passion.

“Lagertha was a feminist in the true sense of the word: lover, fighter, mother and on top of that an eager explorer. The life of this epic shield maiden was like a fresh breath of vibrating versatility. Norse mythology doesn’t just portray her as the first wife and lifelong confidant of the reputable Viking king Ragnar Lothbrok, but also as a loving mother, respected warrior and very curious seafarer. No compromis¬es in matters of the heart, never settling for less when it came to honouring her passions. Lagertha did it all,” says Marlies Dekkers.

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The Lagertha legend is infused throughout the SS16 collection of Marlies Dekkers, which introduces materials such as leather, and iconography including piercing eyes that Vikings used to frighten their enemies to its lingerie and swimwear.

“To celebrate that amazingly inspiring self-confidence, I created a Spring/Summer collection that tells Lagertha’s story. So step into her world and wrap yourself in her courage,” the brand urges.



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