Maredimoda to focus on European manufacturing

Organisers of Maredimoda, an international trade fair dedicated to lingerie and beachwear textiles, hope this year’s exhibition will convince garment manufacturers to invest in European fabrics and reshore production back to the continent.

European textile makers will play a starring role – event coordinators said – in offering “a qualified alternative to the more exotic and quite often less reliable productions” elsewhere in the world.

“Based on their quite negative or at least no longer profitable experiences, more and more medium- and large-sized companies in the beachwear and underwear sectors have decided to go back to buy European textiles and if needed, they are having their garments made in Northern Africa or Eastern Europe,” said Maredimoda president Marco Borioli.

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“Our main objective has always consisted in educating our customers to make a quality, ethical and responsible choice. By now, stores all over the world are full of valueless imported products, made in unthinkable conditions. Today indeed mass-production has caused a market saturation with any kind of low-cost products whose value we do not even understand.”

Maredimoda will be held on November 11-13 at Palais Des Festivals in Cannes.



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