Maison Lejaby collaborates with Léa Peckre

By Laura Higgins

French lingerie label, Maison Lejaby, have collaborated with designer Léa Peckre to launch a prêt à porter collection for AW14.

Made in France, the contemporary collection blurs the boundaries between lingerie and prêt à porter by crossing fabrics, techniques and their usage.

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The collection is influenced by the 80s and the 90s, focusing on cover silhouettes and features moulded dresses, bodysuits and unstructured blouses.

Statement pieces made out of tulle give a screen like effect on the skin to suggest, rather than reveal the underwear. Both silk and lace were deliberately left out of the collection.

Peckre commented: “I didn’t want any classicism. I wanted to bring a more modern touch.

“It’s very important to be able to define one’s own style when being in a collaborative process, especially when you begin in this trade. Consequently, I have built a collection in my own way, following the codes of the trademark specific to Maison Lejaby,” she added.

Peckre has brought what is usually underneath to the outside for Maison Lejaby.




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