Maidenform to unveil comfort technology

Maidenform is set to unveil a new technology, next month, which aims to revolutionise the comfort that women can expect from a bra.

The new collection, the name of which is yet to be announced, includes 16 pieces and is planned for a December 2012 delivery in the US.

Reznik told Lingerie Insight: “I think most consumers will relate to this. Because most consumers – no matter what claims are made – find bra’s are uncomfortable.

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“This bra, the hope is that you are more comfortable wearing it than not wearing it… It’s not a re-invention of the bra, it is a re-invention of what you can expect of the comfort of a bra and still be sensual.”

Each individual component of the range has been rigorously tested and felt by the company’s teams – who participate in regular lunchtime product touching sessions.

Reznik added: “This is the nucleus of a re-definition of who we should be. All the components really talk to each other. It is the softest hook and eye you will ever feel, the softest stitching… The straps are also very soft on the edges, brushed on the inside.

“When you put it on, you feel better wearing it than not wearing it and not just for the support, but because it feels so good.”

It is uncertain when the new comfort technology will be available in the UK, though Reznik is pushing for it to launch simultaneously with the US via a key national retailer.

“I would love to launch it here in a big way,” he said. “This is really something that I can’t picture somebody not wanting.”



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