Magic Silk & Male Power offer LED signs

Magic Silk and Male Power are offering their stockists new LED signs to enhance their store displays.

The signs feature a men’s or women’s lifestyle picture, captured in a clear, illuminated Lucite frame.

They come in three sizes and formats, to suit wall space of varying dimensions – to date, the large landscape version has proven to be most popular.

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The signs are light, long lasting and run on minimal electricity.

Magic Silk president Jeff Baker said: “We are testing this format initially since we believe that it makes better use of wall space at heights where product cannot be displayed.”

The signs are approximately 36” wide and 17” tall, so that merchandise can be displayed effectively beneath them. However, stores have the flexibility to create displays measuring 36” wide and 48” to 96” tall.

Currently available signs advertise two of the companies’ most popular lines, Male Power’s Bamboo collection and the Exposed Corset and Pink Box collection. Additional signs will be created, based on customer demand and the introduction of new products.

The signs are offered free of charge to customers placing orders of $2,000 or more. Others may purchase them for $100 each.

The new signs were on display in the company’s booth at the September ILS show, where they reportedly drew considerable attention.

Baker said: “The reaction was very enthusiastic and we are convinced that this dynamic form of advertising will dramatically highlight our brands and increase in-store sales.”



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