Made by Niki launches in Selfridges

Lingerie brand Made By Niki will see its pre-AW11 String Collection launched in Selfridges, this June 9, 2011.

This will be the first time that the label, which can be found in over 100 retail outlets in 17 countries, will be stocked by the iconic department store.

The ‘String’ collection seeks to combine an animalistic vibe with anatomy. The new range was initially sparked by Niki’s collaboration with KT Tunstall to create a set of unique, bespoke touring trousers for KT’s 2010 ‘Tiger Suit’ album.

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Two colour palettes are featured; a blend of jet black and steel grey creates a hard-edge, high fashion look, while coral and stone hues promote a more feminine, 50’s inspired vintage style. Fabrics include two-tone stretch fringing and quick release clips, with garments encompassing triangle bras, suspended pencil skirts, suspender belts and accompanying nude knickers, as well as a string plunge body and chaps.

Brand founder Niki McMorrough said: “The greatest thing about the high fashion String collection is the sensual nature of the fabric, which creates a tingling sensation when worn against bare flesh. I love how the collection has such a physically aphrodisiac effect on the wearer whilst looking fabulous at the same time.

“The coral and stone colourway has fleshy, anatomical references which drapes and clings to the body as a soft, second skin; this provides texture and depth when layered with clothes. The black and grey colourway was chosen to be more reminiscent of ‘courting creatures’ with the dip-dye two-tone effect creating a swathe of silvery shimmers down the side of the torso, creating a stunning wet-look effect. It almost seems like a mirage or trick of the light which is fascinating to look at and really accentuates and flatters a woman’s curves.

“Most importantly is how amazing these items look on and we are extremely proud of our new fashion pre-AW11 collection.”

Following a ten year award winning career in consumer marketing and journalism, McMorrough studied for a second BA honours in Contour Fashion at De Montford University, starting to take orders from Coco de Mer and Barneys in her third year, when ‘Made by Niki’ was founded.

McMorrough went on to become winner of the 2008 East Midlands Business Award. She was a 2008 UK Fashion Export Finalist, a 2008 CILA Best Shapewear Award finalist and a featured catwalk brand at Ultra Lingerie and Prima Res 2008.



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