Mode City and Interfilière suffered a drop in both exhibitor and visitor numbers this season against a backdrop of logistical and political challenges.

The trade shows, which took place on July 9-11, saw the number of visitors decline 21% year-on-year to 11,000, while exhibitor numbers fell 17% to 370, according to new figures released by Eurovet.

Held in Paris since 2008, the exhibitions moved to Lyon this season because of the UEFA Euro 2016 final in Paris, making it challenging for some high profile buyers to attend the shows.

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Buyers in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, and especially Germany were penalised by a change in location, according to trade show organisers.

“Direct flight schedules made it impossible to organise round-trips in one day, which many visitors to Paris like to do,” they said.

Eurovet said the trade shows were held in a ‘particularly difficult context’, with terrorist threats, the Brexit and political unrest in France all affecting attendance figures.

In addition, the gloomy weather seen in Northern Europe lead to a slowdown in swimwear sales at the beginning of the month.

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This meant that some beachwear boutique managers focused on new season launches over the trade show weekend, when the weather improved.

But the move to Lyon also meant that Mode City and Interfilière attracted new international visitors.

“There’s no doubt Mode City was different this year, but we didn’t find it to be a negative at all. We had new customers from new and existing territories, including Russia, the Middle East, Spain and Japan,” Mimi Holliday head of Communications and Strategy Sarah Jenkins told Lingerie Insight.

“It was refreshing to be in Lyon; if anything we did notice a lean towards the fit-oriented stores, which of course Mimi Holliday is always popular with as a brand. I would say that the show looked quieter as a whole, but it was business as usual for us and we’re very pleased with the results for SS17,” she added.

Mode City was also a great success for the Vanity Fair Brands (VFB) group. 

“The collections were recognized as extremely relevant for the international markets and the stand was perceived as highly qualitative, demonstrating how spectacular the in-store presentation looks for the brands,” said VFB export manager Pierre Garnier.

“We welcomed a large number of key international accounts, proving the right direction taken by our portfolio deployment and the high potential of our brands at a global level. After this amazing reaction from the market, we are very excited and look forward to the start of Spring Summer 2017 sell out.”