Lycra tights app launched to find the perfect fit

INVISTA has launched the world’s first 3D body-scanning app that could help consumers find the perfect pair of tights.

The LYCRA F!T FINDER is designed to measure the lower body based on body mass index and volume, rather than height and waistband, to determine a woman’s accurate hosiery size.

Market research has shown that a third of 280 women surveyed have difficulty finding hosiery that fits and feels comfortable.

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This insight led INVISTA to develop the trial app to help customers find the right size based on their body measurements and digital body scans.

The LYCRA F!T FINDER works by using a smartphone to take a picture on a of the front and side of the body to record measurements.

Presenting the experimental technology at the Lycra Fibre Moves conference in Italy last week, Wim Bakker, technical and market development fellow at INVISTA Apparel said: “Current sizing charts are based on dimensions that are not very meaningful to predict body shapes. We wanted to create a solution based on individual body shape data using a technology that is mobile, easy to use, affordable and applicable to elastic garments.”

The app was launched in collaboration with Select Research and Ferax, one of the biggest hosiery manufacturers based in Europe.

It was tested in bricks and mortar stores in Poland in January and 75% of women surveyed found it engaging and user-friendly with more than 90% saying they would recommend it to friends.

INVISTA is now hoping to optimise the app and find key partners to finance it.



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