Luxury lingerie label Lascivious put up for sale after 14 years

Lascivious’ AW14 campaign, photographed by Tom Fraud, modelled by Natalia Uliasz.

British luxury lingerie label Lascivious has been put up for sale.

Founder and creative director Chloe Hamblen announced on her blog page last night that she is looking for a new director to take the reins of the business after 14 years at the helm.

Hamblen said she is excited to be celebrating the brand’s anniversary, but explained that Lascivious now needs a “serious level of investment to grow” and can long longer be self-funded.

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“We have looked at investments, but none of the potential partnerships were right. It has meant that financially, for the last few years we have been under a cloud of uncertainty and it has undoubtedly affected our ability to expand the collections and grow as a brand,” she added.

“I think now is the time for a new beginning for Lascivious, with a new director and a new vision. I hope that whoever buys the brand will do something truly wonderful with it.”

Lascivious founder and director Chloe Hamblen.

Lascivious founder and director Chloe Hamblen.

Hamblen established Lascivious after interning for some of the most respected designers in her field.

Reflecting on how the brand started, she said: “I had just returned from a job working for Dutch modernist Marlies Dekkers in Holland and was juggling two part-time jobs whilst setting up the brand. There were only a handful of innovators at the time, and I felt like if I worked hard, I could be one of them. It was natural for me to find my own path.

“Our first year was a whirlwind. We were approached to stock Barneys in New York, create a diffusion line for Topshop and we threw a party to celebrate our first birthday and launch our illustrated playing cards.”

Hamblen’s brother Ozzie helped her design the brand logo and shot Lascivious’ first campaign with their friends as models.


The best-selling Kitty range, photographed to mark Lascivious’ 10th anniversary.

London boutique Coco De Mer took a chance on Lascivious’ first collection, which was handmade in Hamblen’s bedroom.

Hamblen then hired her first assistant, and together they created Milla and Lila, two of the Lascivious’ most important collections.

She also designed the renowned Kitty collection during her first five years in the business, and this remains Lascivious’ best-selling style.

“We have had so many highlights; from the parties, celebrities, press, collaborations and awards won that it would take me forever to list. There are so many people that have helped along the way and I will try to take the time to thank them in my next post,” Hamblen said.

Lascivious' AW13 campaign, photographed by Szymon Brodziak.

Lascivious’ AW13 campaign, photographed by Szymon Brodziak.

Signing off her blog post, she said she hopes Lascivious has helped inspire a new generation of designers to push forward and break new ground.

“Most of all I hope we have encouraged women to feel beautiful and confident, provocative and sensual, and evoke a real connection and playfulness between partners. If we have achieved that, then we have done our job,” she added.

“Thank you to everyone that has supported us along the way, it has been one hell of a ride!”



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