Lovehoney rolls out Royal accessory

The prize for the most exciting Royal Wedding accessory goes to, which has introduced its own interpretation of the Royal Wedding Ring., which is the country’s largest ‘adult’ online retailer, stocks brands such as BlueBella, G World, Sevent Til Midnight, Leg Avenue and Music Legs.

Its newest product – the Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring – will, in the words of a company press release ‘allow you to enjoy the regal union of pleasure with an added buzz.’

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“Forget street parties and watching William and Kate on the gogglebox, the best place to enjoy the Royal Wedding is in your own conjugal bed,” said Lovehoney Co Founder Richard Longhurst.

“Give your partner the Lovehoney Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring as part of your own wedding ceremony and you can rediscover the true meaning of wedded bliss.”




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