Lorna Drew makes Italian connection

Model, designer and fashion heiress Margherita Missoni has become a devotee of Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie.

After reading about her pregnancy in Vogue, founder Lorna Drew contacted Missoni, who responded by asking for more information about the line’s patented cup adjusting technology. Next, Missoni purchased the the Amy, Astrid and Alex bra and brief sets in red, black and ice blue, respectively.

Upon receiving the intimate wear, Missoni reached out to Drew again, saying: ““Lorna, your designs are beautiful, I love the lingerie!”

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Discussing the connection with her latest celebrity client, Drew stated in a press release: “Margherita contacted me directly and placed her order with us. She is very down to earth despite her amazing fashion heritage and kindly sent us comments on our lingerie, saying our designs are beautiful! I’m always thrilled when any woman loves our lingerie but I was especially thrilled with this comment from Margherita as she is a designer herself, and her family Missoni brand is so iconic.”

Recently, Kate Middleton purchased nursing lingerie from the brand as well.



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