Lorna Drew appears on BBC1’s ‘Is Breast Best?’

Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie was featured last night on BBC1 documentary ‘Is Breast Best?’, presented by Cherry Healey.

The programme saw Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie’s Amy Bra be worn by busy working mum Karen, a breastfeeding mum who had just gone back to work full time and was interviewed by Cherry at a 6am breastfeeding session before work.

Karen explained how she would breastfeed at home and ‘express’ her milk while at work.

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Managing director Lorna Drew said:“ Our nursing bras will be a great for Karen as she will able to adjust the cup size of her bra cup size even while fully clothed at her desk, it’s totally discreet comfort.”

Karen wore the Black Amy Nursing Bra from Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie’s core collection.

Lorna Drew Nursing Lingerie is currently available from stockists such as Figleaves.com, Harrods and Jojo Mama Bebe.

Click here to view the Is Best Breast? documentary.





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