Lise Charmel appoints export manager for UK market

Lise Charmel has appointed a new export assistant with the specific mandate of ramping up the French lingerie giant’s activities in the UK.

Current UK agent, Ardee, will retain its role as the first point of contact for retailers, but Carole Jasinkski, export assistant for Lise Charmel, will also open dialogue directly with major department stores.

“We are working with our UK partners to improve the situation in the country,” said Olivier Piquet, Lise Charmel’s chief executive, in an exclusive interview with Lingerie Insight.

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The UK and the United States are now the top priorities for international expansion, Piquet stated. Lise Charmel will open a subsidiary in the US, but will continue to work with its UK agent rather than open a subsidiary, he added.

Ms Jasinski, who will “spend a lot of her time in the UK,” will focus first on increasing Lise Charmel’s understanding of the unique requirements of the market. “It might be that we need to adapt our products for the UK market,” admitted Piquet.

However, he sees the introduction of the Epure brand by Lise Charmel as a potential breakthrough launch. “We need to know the customers better. What do they want, what do they need, which of the five Lise Charmel brands do they want most? We think Epure could be the answer,” said Piquet.




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