attracts one million visitors

The number of unique visitors to has rocketed to close to one million people in the past year.

Visitor numbers rose by 210% in the 12 months to June 2015 compared to the same period a year ago.

Page views increased by almost 50% to 1,742,480. The total number of visitor sessions rose to just over one million.

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“This is the year that went viral,” says Lingerie Insight editor Sarah Blackman. “A number of our exclusive stories started trending on sites like Reddit, giving the site a massive world-wide profile,” she added.

Lingerie Insight also has almost 12,000 Twitter followers and 6,600 Facebook fans.

186 websites around the world link into including giants such as Reddit, Wikipedia, Huffington Post and Buzzfeed, which contribute to its sky high ranking on, a service owned by Amazon that tracks world-wide market share for all web sites from Google (number 1) downwards.

“We are in the centre of the web when it comes to intimate apparel news, opinions and insight,” says Andrew Martyniuk, group commercial manager for Lingerie Insight.

“It has taken us many years of generating exclusive high quality editorial content to build this audience, and now we are respected around the world for our expertise,” he adds.

The huge audience for contributes to its overall “reach”, a figure that reflects a website’s traffic and social media footprint.

In September, Lingerie Insight magazine is publishing a comprehensive guide to the reach of lingerie etailers in the UK. Dubbed the Reach List, the report will list the top 100 online retailers according to their traffic and social media impact.



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