Graphic, dimensional and chromatic effects play a big part in the ethereal offerings produced by the EUROJERSEY creative office for the Winter 2013/14 collection of Sensitive® Fabrics for lingerie.

Sensitive® Touch, Sensitive® Sheer, Sensitive® Plus, Sensitive® Classic and Sensitive® Ultra Light feature transparency, promote portrayals and interpretations, present fantasies and exacting refinement, and encourage flirtatious, enticing playfulness.

Cutting-edge Eco Print technology adds authenticity with its realistic reproductions and complex detailing, while also giving significant savings on energy and water in the production cycle.

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In addition to the graphic elements, there are pictorial traces of embroidery and layered lace, as well as floral patterns, marble decorations, sensual lines and bold, striking weaves.

They present visions of yesteryear and musical notes, with soft, gentle tones that are illuminated and shaded by clear evanescence and mysterious opacity.

Substance and airiness alternate in the light, sheer patterns, swirls and arabesques. Different luxurious, linear atmospheres delicately make their presence felt. They match the four trends of the collection: The Whites, From the Archives, Timeless and Pigments.

The Whites playfully mix transparency, floral surface decorations and tangible prominent elements which are enhanced by the Eco Print technique with white lacquer. The ‘light and highly sensual’ Sensitive® Touch (just 89 g/m²) and Sensitive® Sheer (140 g/m²) Fabrics come in soft hues, with pale, pastel tones.

The romantic, vintage From the Archives mood brings to mind old embroidery, precious macramé and elaborate lace, with numerous dense and diaphanous sections forming the designs on Sensitive® Plus and Sensitive® Classic Fabrics. The transparent sequences give ‘astonishing, strikingly realistic’ results.

The spotlight is on precision and detailing in the Timeless world. It is inspired by deep-rooted, solid and conservative traditions that are reminiscent of the habits and customs in Amish communities, which are based on strict doctrines and do not answer to temporal powers. The contrasting patterns are reflected on the nude and black surfaces printed onto Sensitive® Ultra Light Fabric.

There is light and shadow on the nocturnal scene of Pigments, the most luxurious and refined trend, which conjures up images of exciting disguises and make-up. The shiny-matt contrast highlights Eastern damask patterns that are produced with the pigment Eco Print technique on Sensitive® Sheer Fabric. The black decorations appear against rarefied backgrounds as well as resonant, rock-like ones such as purple.



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