Lingerie sector ‘largely unaffected’ by fast fashion, says retail expert

The revolution of fast fashion is continuing to complement investment purchases such as high quality lingerie, a retail expert has said.

While fast fashion has shifted towards quick ‘must have’ purchases from the red carpet, heavily impacting the clothing sector, branded lingerie remains largely unaffected, according to Ian Tomlinson, CEO of RetailStore, a multi-channel retail system powered by Cybertill.

“Fast fashion often means lower-quality items that will be worn only a handful of times. However, lingerie can simply not be substituted, therefore the need to purchase good quality, trusted and branded lingerie remains on the large part unaffected,” explained Tomlinson.

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The CEO said that being present on multiple channels plays a huge role in lingerie retailing as it allows brands to understand new trends, adapt to styles and changes in purchasing habits quickly through unified customer experience.

“The movement towards the fast fashion trend seems to be working to complement lingerie specialists’ quality collections. As long as brands are fully aware of the latest trends in the retail industry by securing their position through an integrated omni-channel customer experience, the shift in consumer purchasing will only continue to benefit lingerie and accessory brands,” he concluded.

Despite these positive remarks, many lingerie brands, including Lara Intimates, believe that fast fashion is disconnecting women away from quality intimate apparel.

Some brands, who spend 18 months crafting a quality lingerie collection, may argue that they are unable to respond to new trends as quickly as they’d like.

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