Lingerie professionals reveal top reasons why they would quit their jobs

Professionals working in the UK lingerie sector have indicated that the prospect of attaining better promotion and career opportunities elsewhere is the number one reason they’d quit their current role.

Asked which factor would most encourage them to join a new company (aside from salary reasons), some 53% of respondents to the Lingerie Insight Job Satisfaction Survey so far picked out the chance to move up the career ladder.

The potential for greater flexibility in working hours is also becoming an increasingly important factor in employment decisions. 19% of respondents identified it as the primary motivating factor that would persuade them to jump ship.

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Better staff benefits, such as gym membership or company car, would encourage 16% of employees to move jobs ahead of the four other key factor cited in the survey, while 9% of the industry said the opportunity to move to a company closer to where they live, or within easier commuting distance, would be their main reason for switching employers.

The prospect of a better pension package has attracted the fewest votes so far, with just 6% ranking it as the factor that would make them tender their resignation and move on.

Full analysis of the Lingerie Insight Job Satisfaction Survey will continue as the results come in and we are urging everybody to take part in order to create the best possible data.

The survey is completely anonymous and does not require any obligatory contact information to be filled in.



One Comment;

  1. RM said:

    RE “The prospect of a better pension package has attracted the fewest votes so far, with just 6% ranking”

    * Is that a sign of women surveyed not being able to reach the top tier positions? (i.e. not thinking like a C suite male)
    * Or a 1950’s sign remaining that women do not think enough about their own financial later-life sans spouse or 2nd income?

    Flextime is a nice temporary perk, but as women tend to outlive men in # of years… women need to step up to the plate for themselves and be future planners. Hopefully, women do more thinking to truly DEFINE what “moving up the ladder” means: title+work+later life.


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