Lingerie PR launches

A new specialist intimate apparel agency, titled Lingerie PR, has launched in the UK with its first client, US brand Claudette.

Lingerie PR was set-up by Sherece Rainford, who wanted to establish an agency solely dedicated to the media management of lingerie and lounge wear.

From her work in the intimate apparel industry and from talking to brand owners and other industry professionals, she determined that lingerie and lounge wear brands ‘needed an agency that would put them first’.

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Rainford said: "I’ve been in PR for over 15 years now, so I’ve been in the game a long time. I’m really excited to launch Lingerie PR. To me lingerie and lounge wear brands always seems to hold second place to the rest of the fashion world when it comes to publicity. So, I decided to have an agency that would be dedicated to lingerie and lounge wear; therefore always putting them first. I’m delighted to launch the agency with Claudette as a client and I’m looking forward to working with some great brands!"

Claudette creative director Bok Claudette added: “It’s such an exciting time for Claudette in the UK, we are about to launch with and starting to work with Lingerie PR – the UK’s only PR company dedicated to lingerie and loungewear. Claudette is a contemporary, modern brand from A to G cup. We are fearless with colour and offer a fun, flirty, fashion product. Based in fabulous Los Angeles, designed and developed in London; we can’t wait to give the ladies of the UK a taste of what our US customers love about us!”



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