Lingerie Please buys

Online retailer Lingerie Please has bought lingerie website for an undisclosed sum.

Knicker Picker is the first site in the world that allows people to pick the size of the model they want to see in the underwear.

A facility on the website also enables the site visitor to request that the models walk towards them and turn around, providing a full view of the underwear before purchase.

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Knickerpicker has previously received over a million visitors in a single month.

While Knickerpicker does not currently sell underwear, will turn it into an e commerce site with products available to buy.

Lingerie Please marketing manager Nicola Pringle says: “We are trying to improve the customer shopping experience by offering customers a better way to see the products on models, especially models of their own size. Video and avatar technology hasn’t been utilised on this scale in lingerie before and we are excited to be at the forefront of it.”



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