Lingerie market is in decline: Kantar Worldpanel

The branded women’s underwear market has been in decline since August 2013, according to new figures from Kantar Worldpanel, a customer insight agency.

Lingerie sales were down by 11.1% in the six months ending December 22, driven by fewer items bought (down 12.7%) whilst prices are seeing very modest growth of 1.9%.

This trend is consistent across all lingerie garments except non-wired bras, where Kantar Worldpanel is seeing a sales growth of 7.2%.

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Kantar Worldpanel fashion analyst Charlotte Wilks explained the figures: “The branded underwear market is in decline mainly due to last year’s buyers cutting back on how much they spend on underwear, however some shoppers are switching to less expensive own label items. The own label underwear market is performing strongly with sales growth of 4% which is the highest level of growth the market has seen since May 2012.

“The best performing retail sectors within branded underwear are supermarkets and discounters. This is a trend we expect to continue for the foreseeable future. Supermarkets are growing their offering and customers perceive the lines to be good value for money.”

Kantar Worldpanel collects data what shoppers are buying, where they have bought it and why, to develop a detailed picture of the British retail market.

The company has insight on brands, consumers, product markets and retailers through a panel of 15,000 demographically representative individuals.




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