Lingerie Insight survey reveals level of industry of job confidence

The majority of lingerie professionals are feeling optimistic when it comes to job security.

Over a third (39%) of respondents to the annual Lingerie Insight Job Satisfaction Survey said they are confident about their job security in 2017, while 19% said they are very confident.

However, that means that 42% of industry professionals are not confident about their prospects this year, while 6% have no opinion on the matter.

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This could be due to uncertainty surrounding the outcome of the EU Referendum.

Elsewhere in the survey, 44% of respondents said they feel their job is less secure since the UK voted to exit the European Union.

Just 6% said they believe their job is more secure since the June 23 referendum and 50% saying they had “no feeling either way”.

Asked what impact they expect Brexit to have on their salary prospects in 2017, 49% of respondents from the UK lingerie sector said they think it will decrease their chances of their basic salary increasing.



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