Lingerie Insight to publish 2017 Reach List report

Lingerie Insight is compiling a comprehensive study into the customer reach of the UK’s biggest lingerie, nightwear, hosiery and swimwear

The 2017 Lingerie Insight Reach List, which will be published online at over the coming weeks, will be a go-to guide to the most powerful online retailers operating in the UK intimate apparel market today.

The Reach List will examine the biggest e-tailers, and measure their digital footprint over the UK using quantitative analysis of traffic to their web sites; total number of Facebook likes; total number of Twitter followers and total number of Instagram followers.

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“In an age when customer shopping habits are continually changing, we feel it is vital to see how effectively the biggest retailers – both purely online players and multichannel businesses – are promoting themselves,” said Sarah Clarke, editor of Lingerie Insight.

The Lingerie Insight Reach List will research web traffic and social media engagement to create an overall figure for each e-tailers digital Reach. This Reach figure is then compared with industry peers in the key categories including:

• Department stores
• Independent lingerie stores
• Mono-brand lingerie e-tailers
• Intimate apparel brands selling direct to consumers
• Multi-brand lingerie e-tailers
• Multi-brand fashion e-tailers

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