Lingerie Insight has published the first in a series of buying and merchandising guides for independent and multiple lingerie retailers.

The special report, named the Big Brand’s Guide to Lingerie Retail Success, provides a unique breakdown of the main areas of the lingerie shop and, through an expert view on the subject, outlines how owners should merchandise their products, offer the best customer service and drive sales.

This month, we focus on post-surgery lingerie in an exclusive interview with Amoena, a specialist brand in the field.

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UK marketing manager Rhoda White outlines the key bra shapes that all lingerie retailers should stock, how they should be displayed in store and how sales staff should guide their customers to find the right style for them.

“Like most female shoppers, women who have had breast surgery are looking for everyday lingerie basics, plus some pretty choices for when she wants to feel extra-feminine,” she explained.

Buyers should therefore shop for the same shapes and styles that make up a typical lingerie wardrobe, whilst keeping in mind the special design features that post-surgery customers require.

“Comfort is important in the weeks immediately after surgery and if a customer comes to you for a bra that she can take into hospital with her, the ideal style is a soft bra that is front-fastening for easy dressing, and has pockets to hold a ‘softie’ prosthesis comfortably in place without irritating her surgery site,” White added.

“For women who have passed the six-week post-surgery period and can wear their choice of lingerie, we recommend stocking a basic T-shirt bra, a sports bra, a multi-way bra for adaptability under summer tops and dresses, a choice of non-wired and underwired styles and at least one pretty fashion set.”

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Future buying guides will focus on swimwear, hosiery, sports bras, nightwear and fuller bust lingerie.

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