Lingerie Francaise launches exhibition in the UK

Lingerie Francaise will be making its UK debut at the London Film Museum in London, this October, with a retrospective covering over 100 years of glorious French lingerie.

After a ‘highly acclaimed’ Paris exhibition, this will be the first time that this selection of French brands have come together to present their designs.

The show will culminate with a ‘Holographic Striptease,’ depicting the evolution of the female silhouette.

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The exhibition tells the stories of millions of women through the last century, and how French lingerie can chart their modern evolution and society values.

It will feature collections from Aubade, Barbara, Chantelle, Empreinte, Implicite, Lejaby, Lou, Lise Charmel, Passionata, Princesse Tam Tam and Simone Perele.

The retrospective includes 260 pieces of ‘influential and iconic’ lingerie, beginning in the 1880’s and ending with the creations of tomorrow.

Enhanced with video installations that will bring to life this storied past, visitors will also find the most striking advertising imagery, films and photos from each era.

The show celebrates the expertise of French corsetieres, with their key inventions: the stretch-fabric corset, the first bras, the girdle and the ‘shapewear’ that we know today.

Visitors can also learn about the techniques and fabrics used in the production of these creations.

The hardback coffee table book ‘Lingerie Française: 19th-21st Century,’ published by Plon Éditions, will accompany this exhibition.

Illustrated with a photo campaign by Gilles Berquet and key visual imagery from each historical era, this book will retrace the story of French Lingerie, from the end of the 19th century to the creations of tomorrow.



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