Lingerie Football League delays UK entry

Lingerie Football League founder Mitchel S. ‘Mitch’ Mortaza has failed to announce a UK launch for the controversial US phenomenon, despite suggesting there were plans in place to franchise the American based Lingerie Football League in Europe and Asia in early 2010.

Screened on US channel MTV2, the Lingerie Football League features bridal lingerie clad ladies playing American football. It has attracted high viewing figures in the United States, but the games have not been syndicated on British TV.

The sport caused sales of lingerie to rocket in the US, but caused major controversy amongst women’s groups in the country, which branded it sexist and demeaning.

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Irish lingerie website Linger.e chief executive Ronan Carr said:"We live in desperate economic times right now and every industry seems to be suffering, including the lingerie business.

"I was really looking forward to the welcome boost that the Lingerie Football League would bring, especially considering sales rose astronomically in the US. The industry could really do with an announcement like this sooner rather than later."



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