Lingerie Collective reports record day

Record visitor numbers have been reported for the first day of the Lingerie Collective trade show, which is taking place from January 15 to 17.

The trade show’s best performing Sunday since the event was founded, attendance reflected a growing client base, attracted by a series of new offerings.

David Finlayson said: “The new international brand room has attracted a new customer base, so it is really working well.

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“We also have a higher percentage of new young designers for the first time, this year.”

Retailers based in Northern England, from as far afield as Macclesfield and Durham, attended the London event.
Amongst the new visitors were also Sweden’s Laleia and several Spanish retailers.

Finlayson added: “Normally, they would be Moda customers only, but now they are working their way down, so I think it is becoming more visible.”



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