Lingerie Collective pursues expansion

Lingerie Collective has announced that it will be extending the lease on its Ganton Street store for a further six months, with an eye to making the position permanent.

In celebration of its extended lease on Ganton Street, Lingerie Collective will be hosting a series of events on Thursdays and Fridays, such as a ‘girls only’ zone, where it will offer shoppers drinks and introduce them to its brands.

The organisation, which represents a series of independent directional lingerie designers, will also be looking to open stores in a series of new London locations, such as Mayfair, over the next few years.

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Lingerie Collective founder Kelly Isaac said: “We have proven as a concept that we can take independent directional lingerie brands into a store and make it work… It would be nice to have a few more locations in London.”

A larger venue for the London trade show – currently hosted at The Music Rooms in Mayfair – is already being sought, in order to cater for the high levels of interest from brands and retailers alike.

Future plans also include the expansion of its trade shows abroad to major world cities like New York and Dubai, in order to build on the Lingerie Collective brands’ existing international popularity.



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