Lingerie brand steps up maverick marketing campaign with new boudoir collection

Fuller bust lingerie brand Scantilly by Curvy Kate has launched the next edition of its diversity marketing campaign.

Scantilly’s new boudoir collection looks to build on the success of the first campaign where the models aimed to challenge mainstream perceptions of ‘sexy’ and insists the first campaign was not a one-off.

Models from the first campaign selected eight women who were photographed in the new Scantilly boudoir collection. The women will be the core of the brand’s marketing plan.

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The women champion a variety of skin tones, body shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages; all with the aim of celebrating the beautiful diversity of women.

The brand believes that diversity is something the fashion industry has been guilty of disregarding and said that few have appeared to challenge it.

A report run by The Fashion Spot this month, exploring the range of models cast for Autumn/Winter fashion campaigns, found that only 23.3% of the models were of colour, only 4.1% were over the age of 50 and a 3.2% were plus size (over a UK size 16).

#TheNewSexy is designed to challenge biases with models from all walks of life and, in the process, aims to inspire people around the world to love their bodies, the brand said.

Body-positive activist Gemma Flanagan, a star of the second campaign and wheelchair user, stated: “The world we live in is diverse but yet the fashion industry is a very ‘perfect cookie cutter’ type world that is so un-relatable to the majority of people. We are the customers and we buy the clothes but we are not all represented.

“The industry is so powerful and has so much influence over us all that it should take more responsibility for the images it portrays. Diversity isn’t a novelty that should be ‘used’. It should just be the norm.”

Head of PR and marketing of the brand, Hannah Isichei, commented: “The use of diverse role models should no longer be news-worthy; it’s something all companies should practice in all areas. #TheNewSexy campaign isn’t a one-off.”

The fourth Scantilly collection is being stocked on the brand’s online store, Debenhams, Bare Necessities and Figleaves.



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