Lingerie Awards winners endorsed by MailOnline

Mail Online, the web site of Britain’s Daily Mail, has used the list of winners at this year’s UK Lingerie Awards as a guide to what undies men should buy as gifts for their partners this Christmas.

Mail Online is the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world, with over 12 million visitors viewing more than 27 million articles in a typical day.

“The UK Lingerie Awards have been elevated in stature and importance to the extent that they are now used as the ultimate arbiter of good taste for intimate apparel,” said Andrew Martyniuk, event director for the annual awards.

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In an article titled: Buying lingerie this Christmas? FEMAIL reveal the hottest seasonal sets and how to find the perfect fit, the Femail section of the web site, which caters to women readers, listed the brands that won key awards at the UK Lingerie Awards last week.

“This week the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards honoured the brightest stars in the women’s underwear market at a star-studded ceremony. A glance at the winners may give British men help on where they should head to buy Christmas lingerie presents,” the article advises, before listing key items from winning brands with helpful pictures from the collections and the star-studded awards night.

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