The Lingerie Addict founder Cora Harrington signs book deal

The Lingerie Addict founder Cora Harrington.

The founder and editor in chief of The Lingerie Addict, the world’s largest fashion blog dedicated to intimate apparel, has landed a book deal.

Cora Harrington has signed a contract with Ten Speed Press in California and is currently writing a book all about lingerie, which will be published in 2018.

“I’ve been waiting to make this announcement for a little while, not just because I was so excited about sharing the news (oh my gosh…a book!), but also because I just really, really, really wanted to thank all of you, my readers,” she said in a blog post today.

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“A book deal isn’t something that would have ever been possible without you and your support for the last nine years, and I am just so completely stoked – giddy even – about putting together a lingerie book that will make you proud and be useful and hopefully have a place in your life for years to come.”

Harrington is asking The Lingerie Addict readers to share topics that they would like to be featured in the book.

“I want it to be a book for you. I want you to be able to pick it up off the shelf and know there’s something in it that applies to you and your life and why you wear lingerie,” she said.